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Following the success of previous years, ICTAI 2016 will highlight a track dedicated to SAT and CSP this year as well.

Constraint Solving Programming (CSP) and SAT-based technologies have become major related topics of research and application in AI this last decade, opening up new perspectives about effective AI application domains.

The ICTAI conference is a major forum for the CSP and SAT research communities for presenting new high-quality results. The track is intended to further develop the role of ICTAI in that respect.

The SAT/CSP Track authors have to follow the general ICTAI 2016 istructions for paper preparation. presentation and publication.

The SAT/CSP Technical Committee members may be found in ICTAI 2016 Committee page.

SUBMISSION Instructions: Please follow the ICTAI 2016 submission link. Log into Easychair and when promted, select SAT/CSP Track.

Topics of Interest include but are not limited to:

  • CSP methodologies and tools
  • Constraint networks
  • Global constraints
  • CSP and SAT Solvers
  • Applications of CSP and SAT-based technologies
  • Heuristic, complete and hybrid search techniques
  • Heuristics for SAT and CSP
  • SAT modulo theories
  • AI techniques based on SAT and CSP
  • Core, MUC and MUS extraction
  • Constraint optimization
  • Soft/Hard Constraints
  • Weighted CSP and SAT